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We find light very important to experience a space well. Without light, no form, space, colour, or experience exists. The most critical light source is and remains natural daylight. However, just as often, we need artificial lighting.

We have many years of experience applying artificial lighting in buildings. This passion arose from making light designs for theatre and music, and then we started to design architectural lighting. Lighting in general and architectural lighting in particular is a fascinating matter that we can advise you on. You understand that there is an essential connection with colour design. The right colour only comes across well with the right light! Moreover, that has become more complex with the introduction of LED lighting. 

We can help you with:


  • Integrated lighting plans in our projects

  • Lighting plans for existing buildings, houses or offices

  • Lighting plans for the replacement of light bulbs with LED lighting

  • Integrated lighting in furniture, bathrooms, mirrors, and kitchens

  • Light objects for advertising purposes

  • Light artwork

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