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Spatial puzzling is our passion: making smart designs that can take a punch. We mean by this that the plan does not include ageing quickly, and can adapt to future changes. Spatial innovations make it possible to use the building in different ways, now and in the future.

Sustainability is a crucial figure nowadays. For that, we are mostly interested in projects where sustainability, and circularity are important. The use of wood is preferably over concrete for example.


  • Renovations/re-use of old houses/buildings, houses (bathrooms, kitchens and furniture) shops (with apartments located above) and public buildings

  • New Construction, residential homes, offices and company buildings, public buildings

  • Colour design,

  • Lighting design

  • Combinations of exterior/interior design and new construction/existing construction

Arkkitehtitoimisto Gremmen, 2020- 

Architects office in Tampere region, Finland

Bas Gremmen Architecture 1991 - May 2019
Architects office in Rotterdam

TU-Delft Architecture Department 01 July 2000 - May 2019
Teacher, Chair of Architectural Engineering 0.4 fte

Lighting Design Academy, 2013
HBO light design training completed

Retail premises in the city centre, Bankruptcy or return on investment? 2012
An article in the magazine Steengoed of the Vastgoed association,

together with Angela van Velden and Chris Langerak

Parking garage Fagron, Capelle aan de IJssel, 2012
An article in Vexpansion

The Zilveren Berm, 2011
Nominated for the prize for the best spatial plan in Capelle aan den IJssel 2009-2011

"The thickness of colour", 2009
An article in the book "Colour in contemporary architecture."
Published in September 2009 by SUN ISBN 9789085065746. Editors: Susanne Komossa, Kees Rouw and Joost Hillen.

Aalto University, Architecture 2007
Wood studio Teacher exchange Delft - Helsinki

Architecture on business parks, inspiring examples, 2006
Contribution from our project Office and Car Wash Rotterdam
Edition of the Province of Utrecht, Architectuur Lokaal 2006

Rotterdam Bouwt Foundation! 2001-2005
Founder and chairman of this foundation who organised a maquette building festival for children in primary school age together with architects from the Rotterdam region. (now Archikids)

TU-Delft Architecture Department, 01 December 1999 - 1 July 2000

Teacher, Chair of Interior

TU Delft, 1992 - December 1, 1999Guest lectures for the chair's Architectural Composition, Typology of Buildings, Interior, Building Management, Building Technology and Building Construction

Schutterstraat, 1996
Special issue in Misset Bouw volume 51 nr. 9

Delft Dreams, 1995
An article in Elle Wonen, nr 19

Belgian conditions in Delft, 1994
An article in Architecture and Building, nr 8

Kees Cristiaanse & Planners, (KCAP), Rotterdam 1993-1997
Competition LUXOR theatre, Rotterdam
Competition Technische Universität, Potsdam, Germany
NISA, Lelystad
140 dwellings Hooikade, Delft
104 dwellings Hollandia site Schiedam

Kraaijvanger Urbis 1996
Renovation and Expansion Event building Ahoy, Rotterdam

Abel Cahen architect, 1995
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

Villanova Architects, 1994
Renovation Warehouse 6 KNSM island. Amsterdam

Hoenders Dekkers and Zinmeister, 1993-1994
Various dwelling projects, Delft, Rotterdam

Architectural office Lafour and Wijk 1993-1994
Dwelling project Kinkerbuurt, Amsterdam

Resident organization Bospolder Tussendijken, Nov.1990- Jan.1992
External expert urban renewal Bospolder Tussendijken, Rotterdam

Architect office Hans Bik April 1988-Oct 1990
Assistant Designer

TU Delft, Department of Architecture 1983-1990
Architecture with major interior


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