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House in Dordrecht


Spatial design

A new design has been created within the contours of the existing bathroom. Regarding functionality, the bath has expired for a more massive shower and a more oversized sink. A glass door to the landing will benefit the light in the rest of the house.

Much attention is paid to the storage space in the bathroom. The toilet is integrated into a closet with an LED light object. For example, we see an integrated toilet roll holder, drawers under the washbasin and an open cupboard next to the sink for the daily items. There is also a built-in laundry basket under an ample closet space for towels.


Colour design

The bathroom colour scheme is limited to several white and grey shades combined with wood. The tiles are from the Italian brand Voque using special fittings. The cabinets are executed in a modest warm grey, but a different character emerges on the inside of the cupboards. One cupboard has a shiny orange interior, and the other closet has a blue interior.

Light design

Another aspect of this bathroom is the lighting design—first, the light object next to the toilet with an LED light line in a matted glass box. A Philinea linear light has been placed next to the mirror.


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