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Finnish House, Rotterdam

Spatial design

The project is about the renovation of the Finnish church in Rotterdam. The Finnish church is a home away from home for sailors, truck drivers, and the Finns living in the Netherlands.


Besides, it allows all inhabitants of the Netherlands to take note of specific Finnish cultural expressions.

In addition to a thorough approach to facades and roofs, the renovation also involves the improvement of the installations in the building.


The building houses four apartments as well as a church hall, library, meeting rooms, offices, cafeteria, shop and restaurant. In the building, the Finnish identity plays an essential role in the furniture, the colour scheme and the material of the rooms. 


The latter we did in collaboration with Aholainen Color Design. In this project, we have made both the colour and lighting designs.


Light design

This project is the first that has been implemented integrally in LED light. Given the dimensions of the central junction box, it was impossible to make a more substantial connection to provide all kitchens, washing machines and the sauna simultaneously with enough energy as the lighting would be carried out traditionally. In this project, we have worked with, among others, Alpha Led luminaires and Xicato LED modules. We also used decorative luminaires from Wever & Ducré.

Every room has a custom-made design. The facade is equipped with a neon sign to our design.

Colour design

In this project, all materials, paintwork, and wallpapers were carefully selected in the overall colour design. This project's floor coverings and window screening are also part of a detailed colour scheme. In this project, especially the duality between the Netherlands and Finland is visibly elaborated

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