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Light object

With a group of students from the Lighting Design Academy, we participated in the competition for the Amsterdam Light Festival.


One of the designs has been selected and shown under "Welcome to my (home) town" from December 1 to January 22  in the Herengracht! (and again two years later)  


Thanks to Ingrid, Ester, Bart, Inge, Jeremy, Marina, Maurice, Nicolle, Roland, Mine, Arnoud, Simona, Wesly, Berry and Ellen



Amsterdam Light Festival, Targetti, Interieurrr, Mepac, Schuurman electrical wholesale, DCM Dirven, Canalit, RAM power & Light BV, SVW scaffold rental

Dit is een VR film met 360 graden view, beweeg de cursor over het scherm om rond te kijken

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