3 Apartments Eindhoven

This development is done in a somewhat older building in the centre of Eindhoven. It is built around 1960 as a combination of two commercial functions. A shop on the ground floor and the first floor, and an insurance office. Both with an entrance upfront.

The floorplans were quite complicated (for such size of a building) due to some floor height differences and the stairway in the middle of the building.

Last years the building was rented out as an office building. Unfortunately, the interior caught fire and created a lot of damage to the interior. Luckily nothing of the load-bearing structure was inflected.

The owner asked us to redevelop the building for use as a shop on the ground floor and apartments on the higher levels. To be able to make an interesting commercial space we extended the shop in the remained small garden at the back. And we removed the stairway in the middle in on the ground floor to create a more open retail space.

Finally, the project has now three two-bedroom studios. The studios are furnished for instant rental.

Remarkable is that we managed the new studios to heat (and cool) with a heat pump installation based on a floor heating. For that reason, we had to pay a lot of attention to the insulation values of the floors, walls and roof.  They all have an R-value of at least 4,5. The shower is executed with a heat recovery unit in the wastewater to reduce the amount of hot water needed.

Facade and interior after the fire

Part of the original stairway was saved from the fire and renovated

Commercial space

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