Luxor theatre, Rotterdam

For the competition for the new Luxor theatre, I was asked by Kees Christiaans Architects and Planners (KCAP) to participate in the design team for a closed competition for the City of Rotterdam. Participating architects were beside KCAP, also Hoogstad, Herman Herzberger, Rem Koolhaas and Bolles + Wilson who finally took the credit.

Under the leadership of Fumi Hoshino we have made several weeks long days to make a presentation for the municipality of Rotterdam. I remember that I have been working on the drawings of the auditorium in particular. A large scale model has also been made, of which the photographs can be seen here. All seats have been placed in the auditorium. Series of small chairs are painted in red and then put in place with angelic patience. All still far ahead of the 3d printing techniques. Also impressive as the preparation of the presentation with the many photographs of the model and the drawings assembled on panels.

The presentation of the presentation was held in the departure halls on the Wilhelmina pier which was already partly in use at that time. It was the first time for me to have participated in such a competition and it also taught me that it costs a lot of money and time that often cannot be recouped.

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