Fagron office and distribution centre


Head office and logistics centre for Fagron BV. Fagron is a pharmaceutical company with an office and logistics centre located on the A20.

Characteristic is the bright red facade of the office that is directly adjacent to a prefab concrete parking garage. This garage serves as a roof for the business space below.

At the Venkelbaan side, you will find the heart of the company, the expedition and the logistics space.
The building of Fagron BV is nominated for 'De Zilveren Berm' the prize for the best spatial plan in Capelle aan de IJssel 2009-2011. "The nominated plans have in common that they demonstrably contribute to the improvement of the spatial quality of the municipality.


Colour design


This bright red facade is related to the company logo. However, red is a tricky colour, before you know it, it turns to light red and eventually almost pink. We have searched for the most sustainable solution to this problem and found it in glazed steel façade panels. The pigments in glaze are the most stable! Then it was important to find the right red. The Pantone coding used in the printed material had to be converted into a colour sample that would give the best association with the brand Fagron!


Light design


For the entire building, we have made the basic design for the lighting of the offices and the business premises. At the time of engineering, the quality and price of the LED lighting were not so good that we decided to light the building traditionally. Besides, we have lit the red façade with outside lighting in the evening. Moreover, in the front facade, we integrated a large screen (3x6). 

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