House, Krimpen a / d IJssel

This house is completely stripped and then carefully re-designed.

Most of the furniture on the ground floor in the living room has been custom-designed by us. That also applies to the kitchen with a cooking peninsula. The regular wooden staircase has been replaced by a blank steel one.


In the bedroom is a free setup made of washbasins, bath and shower room together with a small work room.


The thick wall that separates the washbasins from the bathroom not only accommodates technology but also closet space. The towel radiator in the bathroom is composed of a copper tube.


Light design

We have designed the lighting in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. The mirror lighting, the illumination at the bath and the repeating lighting above the sink of the kitchen. The mirror illumination is an industrial fluorescent fixture behind sliding mirrors that are partially matted. The same fixture is used on the head ends of the bath and in the shower corner.


Colour design

As a basis, we used bamboo for the furniture in the kitchen. This is supplemented with orange Corian and stainless steel details. In the bathroom, the natural stone is complemented with white sanitary and stainless steel taps. In the entire house, a cast floor has been applied in grey-brown colour.

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