Cavent Foundation

Cavent Foundation is an organization that offers help, guidance and support to people with an (intellectual) disability, from a Protestant-Christian basis.


In this cluster of 8 typical single-family houses, the single-room apartments have been converted into a series of 10 small apartments. At the same time, a number of functions are centrally accommodated in a centrally located new wing (kitchen, dining room and offices).


This gap between the office and the common dining room for residents is used intensively as a smoking room. This space is important as it forms the connection between the two gardens behind the two residential blocks. Whereas previously it was still individual gardens, after the renovation, a garden design was created, so that all gardens serve as a communal park.

Bas Gremmen Architectuur: Bestaande situatie (BG) Stichting Cavent
Bas Gremmen Architectuur:  Begane Grond Stichting Cavent
Bas Gremmen Architectuur: Bestaande situatie (1e) Stichting Cavent

Ground floor and first floor, old

Bas Gremmen Architectuur:  Verdieping Stichting Cavent

Ground floor and first floor, new

Colour design

In this project, we have made a colour design for the corridors and central spaces. For orientation, the walls of the two identical stairwells are painted in a different colour scheme. These are striking colours that give atmosphere and direction to the spaces that are mainly illuminated by artificial light.

The front doors of the apartments are implemented in two different wood structures. The residents can express their personality on the bulletin boards placed next to the door. The bulletin boards are still empty in these photos.

For the refurbished apartments we have made many colour designs from which the residents could choose if they wanted. When the apartments were ready, the walls were painted and the curtains were there!

In the office of the staff, we have the closet where the files of the clients are kept not only with a lock but also with a striking colour orange. Literally and figuratively, the residents are central to the organisation!

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